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Streamline Enterprise Process

Affordable Automation for All

Relgo significantly reduces capital expenditure for automating your business by enabling progressive automation with growth. It has self service automation, Free automation where you can try and pay later and Managed automation which lets you hire process analysts and automation engineers for full service. Know more about process of automating organization

Licenses costs are as low as 80 Anas (INR 500)/month for role user. Free for your customers and very low for field workers.

Free Automation

Relgo automates your business processes and roles for free, analyzing, automating user roles and reviewing with your team.

Select Free Automation from store, Configure your business processes to automate and place the order online. Relgo team ensures that all your processes are automated and customized quickly using Relgo Automation Studio.

You pay one time setup fee of 4000 Anas (INR 25000) per module after the automation is complete and deploy for your operations.   

Managed Automation

Managed Automation is full service automation, where you hire professional process analysts and automation engineers.

It is best suited for large organizations for progressively automating complete operations and also filling any automation gaps intergrating with existing ERP and IT infrastructure.

You pay for the time billed by consultants monthly at a rate of 5600 Anas (INR 35000) for process analysts and 4000 anas (INR 25000) for the time they spent.   

Self Service Automation

You can automate all by your self using Relgo Automation Studio. Tools and training material make it very easy. You need automation license for automating packages and it is free to manage packages.

Automation license is just 240 Anas (INR 1500) / month. Your automation engineer can purchase this license for the duraion of automation and manage deployment by your self.