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You need to get out of old Traditional ERP Modules for your Operations

Move to Innovative, Redesigned Elastic processes to simplify and Improve Productivity

using intuitive Relgo! Process Automation Platform, your processes are simplified for future.



Streamlined Implementation Procedures, Automation Centers, Process Analysts, Automation Engineers will get your processes live quickly.


Role wise training and certification, eLearning and automation engineer training helps customer to improve their employee skills.


Customer Portal, Support Tickets, Chat,Skype,Whatsap Helpdesk is right next to you. You will always be connected to support team and they watch out proactively.

Innovated and Simplified Enterprise Go Live Processes eliminate the risk of implementation failures and reduces the cost.

Continuous innovation of user processes, Role wise operating procedures, structured innovation team, employee skills training and certification, employee onboarding procedure remove enterprise difficulties to gearup for growth and smoothen operations.

We truely care and strive hard for customer to improve operational efficiency to help growth.



  • Flexible Licensing with pay only when you use.
  • Start as little as four licenses and procure as needed
  • Single Module, Multi Module, Concurrent and Productivity Licenses
  • Control panel helps enterprise administrators to manage licenses.
Single Module Licenses

USD 10/month
INR 500/month
Multi Module Licenses

USD 20/month
INR 1000/month
Concurrent Licenses

USD 30/month
INR 1500/month
Productivity Licenses

USD 2/month
INR 100/month


Our professional network provides knowledge services to create automation planning, detailed report, technology evaluation, operating procedures, automation design, process analysis consultancy, automation engineering, process monitoring and data analysis.

  • Automation Case Study and Whitepapers
  • Business Process Automation Center
  • Business Process Analysis Service
  • Business Process Automation Engineering Service
  • Enterprise Data Analysis Service