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Admissions Management The Relgo Admissions Management software automates the whole admissions and enrollments process impossibly simple and quick. Relgo admission management system helps the administration by giving quicker, straightforward and simple methods for registering students, documenting records, tracking applications, assigning courses to students and more. The online admission software module make it easy for the candidates to request enrollment enquiries, top off enlistment structure, transfer records, make online installment payments and furthermore track and download the status of the application whenever for free.
Assessment Management Create assignments for groups or individuals with format, content and submission rules. Create quizzes from question bank. Students can submit the assignments via E-Learning. Instructors can evaluate the assignments, tests and other assessments, assign grades, and share the feedback with students and parents in real time. Real-time dashboard reports and charts present a snapshot of the overall student performance during the academic year.
Academics Management Relgo Academic management software allows teachers to create curriculum, lesson plans, and syllabi to streamline course planning and helps to set up academic structures to include multiple programs and courses offered by the college/institute. Define prerequisites for courses to define course levels and dependencies. School and college administrators can efficiently manage resources and optimize allocation of resources through automated scheduling of classes. Create and plan future academic terms and include courses to be offered, Set up multiple term types based on institute norms. Plan and schedule all your courses for each class period using the academic calendar for students to view, plan and prepare for assignments, examination, quizzes and feedback according to the timetable.
E-learning E-Learning is used to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. It refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. You can cover the material when you have time, go over it as often as you need, all without traveling to the classroom. You can take the class from any location with internet access. You may schedule classes, test dates, and assignments that must be submitted on time. The content delivery is consistent and can be easily repeated if needed to gain a better understanding.
Administration Management Relgo Administration management software provides a platform through which organizations/Institutes can integrate and coordinate their main internal business processes, thus automating the whole process of managing the entire scheme of work. It provides solid Faculty & Staff Management module not just designed to stores staff information safely and makes it promptly accessible, but is made to additionally deal with every faculty related issues and tasks precisely and effortlessly. It helps educational institution administration to manage and collect the fee seamlessly while allowing the parents/ guardians to make any sort of examination, admission, term, annual, library, donation, transportation, etc., fee payments remotely from any location. The application regularizes fees management in a proper and orderly way and eliminates hectic manual work.