Finance & Accounts
Effectively maintains payment history of customers in your company. This business automation software generates payment reminders, records and keeps track of customer payments including amounts received and payment receivables at each stage of construction activity; generate financial reports of the business and so on.
his is the core module of the application which is designed to comprehensively take care of the financial operations pertaining to customer payments. Its also flexible to sync the payment details with Tally.
Features & benefits :
 Accurately record payments and eliminate book keeping errors.
 Track payment receivables at every stage of construction activity.
 View consolidated and venture wise payment details.
 Estimate the customer's payment receivables.
 Integrate payment details with Tally Accounting package and ensure consistency.
 Generate monthly reports for tracking payment status at each stage of construction activity.
Relgo ERP
Relgo ERP is a web based application, deployed in your datacenter and integrated with other applications.