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Relgo significantly reduces capital expenditure by providing progressive automation with growth. It enables any organizaation to automate businesses and operations through self service or using Free automation where you can try and pay later. Managed automation lets you hire and automate by providing full services to get you up and running quickly. Know more about process of automating organization

Free Automation

Free automation eliminates the risk of upfront capital expenditure for an organization to automate. Relgo automates business processes and roles for free analysing proceses, testing and automating user roles and reviewing with your team. Once you are satified with automated role, you can pay setup fee and purchase licenses for your team.

It is that simple, you just request any number of applications listed above for automation, we work with your team and automate your organization processes and roles. You pay only when you are satisfied and ready to deploy for operations.


Managed Automation

Managed Automation is full service automation, where you hire professional process analysts and automation engineers. They are assigned to work with your timeline to get the automation live quickly along with your team. The costs are prorated and are billed monthly depending on how mch time they spent on your work. They are lot affordable than

It is best suited for mega automations with large organizations where analysts and automation engieers work with number of people. Progressive automation makes easy for management so that they can focus and automate one at a time with out disturbing other teams for going live.


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Self Service Automation

Registration is free, create your identity cast and get started with your automation by registering for Relgo Automation Studio. Besides you can automate all your organiztion processes by your self along with your team. The procedures and built in intelligence make your team up and running quickly.