Process customer orders from booking, delivery to revenue collection for any type of business. Application provides 360 degrees order life cycle for variety of products with flexible payment plans and processes.


Collect Orders online and offline through Web, Manual entry and Mobile or through procurement process. Automated process and dashboard enables scaling up sales pipeline.


Automated, Just-in-time billing with online, offline payments, stage wise payments, Invoice and Payments eliminates cumbersome customer interaction during revenue recognition.


Generate automated delivery plan based on availability and production quantity. Confirm dispatch schedules and logistics, delivery confirmation, returns etc.


Post sale support management require preventive, breakdown maintenance, scheduling resources for support and providing support tickets for resolution tracking, replaced parts and costs.


Application provides Historical orders, order profitability, working capital projections, procurement cost, estimated order costs, capacity analysis etc. You will be able to manage cash flows very easily with the application.


Application enables order integration with sales leads, accounts, inventory, procurement, production and support towards 360 degrees automation for the organization.

How CRM helps to you?

Sass and Less support

Provide Case Management and Problem Reporting for an Organization

You can able to create and manage tickets for problems and we provide solution.

Sass and Less support

Provide post Sales installation and Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

We deliver and maintain transparency of service at regular period of time

Sass and Less support

Manage Students Fee Collection for an Institute

Create your own payment plan and get schedule remainders according to payment plan.

Sass and Less support

Manage Receivables for a Sold products as per Payment Plan

Design your own payment structure to meet customer satisfaction and get automatic remainders.

Sass and Less support

Process Orders (online, offline) to Fulfill and Dispatch to Customers

Get your order either online or offline and process orders till dispatch.

Sass and Less support

Analyze your working capital and profitability for Project.

Analyze your financial situation and check your profitability for project to begin.

Sass and Less support

Generate Leads from Prospects through Campaigns

You are able to create your own campaigns and automate lead generation from campaigns.

Sass and Less support

Convert Leads to Sales through Sales Automation

Maintain your leads through support and automate leads to customers.

Sass and Less support

Manage Inventory for Selling Products Online

Maintain your inventory details up to date and access inentory on go.

Sass and Less support

Manage Product Booking and Selling for Online and Offline

You are able to sell product either online or offline and track orders.