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Deploying to Operations Cloud:

RAS enables business organization to manage and deploy the automated roles to operations cloud. Operations cloud hosts the organization operations. Deployed processes in operations cloud used to build the applications for the organization operations. The following are the steps to build the application in operations cloud.

  • Deploying Packages
  • Application Setup
  • Directory Setup
  • Personalization and Data Setup
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Dashboards

The following screen shows the operations cloud to deploy the process once the processes and role templates automated successfully in development cloud.

Deploying Packages:

Deploy the packages from development cloud to operations cloud. Test the packages in development cloud first then deploy to operations cloud.

Application Setup:

Setup the application from the deployed packages and process data in the operations cloud for the organization operations.

Directory Setup:

Setup the organization directory by adding employees, departments, roles and positions for the organization operations.

Personalization and Data Setup:

Personalize the application as per the customer’s requirement and setup the data for the operations.

Employee Onboarding:

Setup the workstation for the new employees for operating the organization operations.

Employee Dashboards:

Employee dashboard shows the task and permissions which are assigned to employee to perform the live operations.