RAS enables to build and customize the elastic applications. Elastic application development tool in RAS enables the developers to build, provision, automate and publish the applications from development cloud. Developer can do all these with the dev cloud subscription. User can register Developer license and build the applications in dev cloud.

Developers build the elastic applications for the organization operations. The organization needs the application more effectively and efficiently, developers will customize the elastic applications by using elastic application development tool.

To customize the elastic applications, developers will do the following steps.

  • Import The applications
  • Modifying the application
  • Provisioning the application
  • Automating modified applications
  • Deploying modified applications

First import the application to customize for the organization. Modify the application feature functionality and application UX/UI as required with relgo customization tool and provisioning the application by modifying the data as per the changes. Then automate the modified application in development cloud before deploying to operations cloud. Deploy the modified application into cloud after automating the application process in dev cloud.