Purchasing Licenses

To subscribe the licenses, Purchase the licenses and use the licenses for the organization. On demand purchasing can helps the organization to optimize their automation costs. To subscribe the RAS free subscription, register with RAS, you will get the basic subscription. Automation license is paid subscription. You can purchase the automation license by using relgo credits.

The cost for automation licenses is 1500 per month. By purchasing the automation licenses the automation engineer can automate their own organization process according to their organization. Developer licenses can also purchase by using relgo credits. By using the developer licenses the developers can create there own organization forms and add their own UI/UX layouts for the form

You can purchasing relgo credits from web. The purchased Relgo Credits can be used to pay for services or product purchase. Relgo credits may be used for buying any product or service from Relgo and community. Relgo Credits may be transferred or gifted to third person.