Operational Roles

Organization roles execute the day to day operational scenarios for the organization. Automation is a process to get the enterprise roles tested and go live. RAS enables to curate the organization roles for the operations. Organizations can build ready to use roles for the operations. In process packaging, processes and role templates added to the appspace. In Automation process, roles will be created for the role templates for the organization operations. Organizations can create as many roles as they want. After creating the roles, test the roles and make them live.

    To create the roles for organization, the steps are
  • Select the application
  • Select the role templates
  • Personalize the roles

To create the roles form the role templates, select the application first. Application wise Role templates will be showing. Convert those role templates as roles. Curate the roles scenarios task and permissions for the organization. Organization employee or user dashboard will be based on roles task and permission. Execute the role task and permission and assign the role to the employee for the organization operations.