What is Packaging Process?

Packaging processes enables you to curate and manage organization Processes, Roles and Scenarios for automation and deploying business operations. This enables you to package the Processes and Role Templates into Appspace.

There are three steps to packages processes.
  • New Appspace
  • Browse Processes
  • Browse Role Templates

  • For this first step is creating an Appspace. Second step is Browse the Processes and third step is Browse the Role Templates by browsing the applications and add the selected processes and roles templates to appspace.

    You can create the Appspaces as many as you want. After adding the processes and role templates to appspace, assign the Appspaces to automation engineers to automate those packaged processes to build the applications.

    • Click on New Appspace under Appspaces menu to create new appspace. Newly created Appspaces listed under the My Appspaces in Appspace menu.
    • Click on New processes under the Processes menu to create new processes. And click on Select processes to package the processes into the appspace. To see the created processes click on My processes under the processes menu.
    • Click on Select Role Templates under the Role Templates to add Role Templates. To see the added role templates click on My Role Templates under the Role Templates.