RAS enables curation of organizations processes, roles and scenarios for automation and deploying for operations. Process are three types. Installation processes, Initial processes and Operational processes. Package the organization processes into appspace to assign these process to automate. By browsing the applications, processes will be showing the applications wise. You can add the existing organization processes to appspace or you can create new processes as you want.

To package the processes into appspace, go to Build El Apps under the Automation Suite, select the Browse processes. Select the appspace and select the application, you will get the list of processes in the application. Select the process, which is suitable for your organization and click on ‘Add to my processes’. The process is added to ‘my processes’ under processes.

To create your own processes, go to New Process under the processes menu. In that enter the process name and process type values and click on ‘Submit’.

Name: Organization Directory
Select Process type: Operational Process
Compliance: No
  • To see the created processes, click on My Processes under the Processes menu.
  • Click on Edit button to edit the created processes and click on delete button to delete the created process.