Managing Stories

Managing Story is after writing story user can manage their stories like Packages, Pricing, Publish, and Edit and Delete everything from here.

Packaging is after writing a story user can add Processes and Roles to make package and it is to add your account for automation. Here role wise processes you can add and automate those packages and deploy in to live system.

Pricing is after finishing all the story writing and adding packages and Automating Packages user can give a pricing for their stories. Therefore, if any other user is similar to your problems they can purchase your stories with packages. Purchase amount will be add as Relgo credits in your account so that you can purchase any other products with those credits or else you can encash them into your bank accounts.

Publish is after adding all the packages and pricings for your story then you can publish in All Stories. After publishing the story in all stories if any other users can view, your story, packages, and they can purchase your published stories in organization story.

User have options to Update, Edit and Delete for their own stories here.

Here in Organization Stories, “New Story” is for to write a new story and after completion PACKAGES you can view them in “My Stories” if you publish your stories you can view your stories in “All Stories”.