Getting Live System
What is Packaging Process?

To build the elastic applications, the first step is creating the Appspaces. You can create ‘n’ number of Appspaces, as you like. Appspace contains the Processes and Role Templates. Appspace is one of the Package Name. Appspaces used in Installation Processes. Packaging multiple process and storing them at a one place is Appspace.

To create the Appspace, Login into RAS and click on Automation Suite and then click on Build El Apps. Click on New Appspace present under the Appspaces. A form will display to create the Appspace. Enter the variable values and click on “Publish Appspace” button to create the appspace.

. Example:
Appspace Name: Organization Directory Appspace

After entering the value, click on ‘Publish Appspace’ to create the Appspace. To see the created Appspace, go to My Appspaces under the Appspaces.

To see the created Appspaces, click on My Appspaces under the Appspaces menu. To Automate the Appspaces, click on Automate Appspace under the Appspaces menu. Select the Appspace and click on Automate Appspace to automate the Appspaces.