About Licenses
RAS Subscription:

RAS subscription is free subscription for the organizations to manage the application packages. This subscription is ideal for the Admins and Process Analysts. Processes analysts are experts in the processes. Process Analyst works with business processes to improve the quality and works with new business processes for the organization. Analysts will identify the processes for the organization operations.

Automation License:

Automate License is paid license for the organization to complete the automation tools packaging, deploying and testing to go live. This is ideal for the Automation Engineers. Automation engineers can get the processes live. With this subscription the Automation engineers can install the processes in development cloud and test the scenarios. After testing the scenarios with role wise, roles get ready for the organization operations. Automation Engineer package the processes and then they will deploy the packaged processes in development cloud. And test the scenarios process wise and get the roles ready to use.

Developer License:

Developer License is also paid license to develop and test and provision the elastic applications for the organization. This is ideal for enterprise developers. Here the developers develop the applications for the organization in operations cloud. The developers can test the developed applications and do provisioning the developed application in operations cloud. As per the organization requirement the developer can customize the elastic applications with this subscription.