About Story

About Organization Story, it consists of Business Problems, which Relgo finds solution for your Business Problems. Just write/share your story with us to get an absolute solution.

Coming to Story, you just need to accumulate your business problems as a story, let us know all your business problems which you are facing and tell us more about your company which requirement you looking for.


Story, which has customer business problems, their each department problems, and their roles. User needs to fill the form in Relgo Automation Studio -> Build Story -> New Story

The Form consists of,
    • Name of the Process

    • Process Owner

    • Process Scope

    • Process Input

    • Process Flow

    • Process Output

    • Exceptions to Normal Process Flow

    • Control Points and Measurements

    • Process Problems

    • Process Purpose:

      This section should provide a description of the purpose of the process. This may include why and how the process will benefit the organization.

      Process Scope:

      This section should provide a description of what is included in the business process as well as what is not included or is out of scope for the process.

      Process Input:

      This section should identify the need or input required to initiate the process.

      Process Boundaries:

      Process boundaries are a way of identifying where a process begins and where it ends. The boundaries of the process must have clearly defined, documented, and communicated.

      Process Flow:

      This section should describe each step of the process from beginning to end.

      Process output:

      This section should provide an explanation of the process to output.

      Exceptions to Normal Process Flow:

      This section should explain where exceptions to the flow might occur and what steps would take in such an instance.

      Control Points and Measurements:

      Control points should established at various points of the process flow where risks as been identified. This helps the process owner can monitor risks associated with the process.

      Measurements are also necessary for determining the effectiveness of a process and performing process improvement.


      User can view their organization stories in “My Stories” and their packages too. Form their stories they can add packages to their account for automation process. Solutions can view in My Stories, which they published.


      User can view all their Stories or other Organization Stories, which they published in “All Stories”. Organization Story, Business Problems, ssolution, packages, which are ready for Automation process are available in All Stories.