Organization Story

Organization Story is a story of your company/organization. The story, which tells about your Business problems.

How to write your Story?

Identify organization Business Problems – Processes

Identify organization Departments / Role / Positions

Identify organization Bill of Material (BOM) checklist

In an organization IT Admin need to find out the Business Problems, Processes, Departments, Roles, BOM checklist.

Organization Story consists of many Processes, Roles based on that we would provide you a solution for it.

Why Organization Story?

Pick the story with the set of ready to use processes that suit your requirement and make it live using Relgo Automation tools.

Checkout One of our customer story Example:
Customer: Axon Anaesthesia Associates

Axon Anaesthesia Associates is a private company, which provides medical professional services to various hospitals located in Hyderabad and Bengaluru majorly. The company makes agreement with multiple hospitals to provide medical professional services on demand, which would be charges per case either attended or fixed monthly price based on the agreement made between the parties. The company operational processes, which include org, charge maintenance, and salary payments along with that scheduling the professionals to various hospitals as per requirement and keep tracking of the schedules has done manually consuming lot of resources and time.

In order to optimize the operational processes execution costs and save precious time, Axon has made a decision to automate the operational process including, professional org chart maintenance, attendance, leaves and salary payments. To solve the problem of operational process manual execution and optimize Axon budget on process executions, Relgo Networks came up with a solution to automate Axon business processes, which would eliminate all the cumbersome manual process executions. Relgo Identified the business processes and automated them with the Relgo Cloud Applications Organization Management, Resource Scheduling, Payroll Management, which has delivered through the cloud service platforms using SAAS business model.

Implementation and usage of Relgo Automated processes helped Axon to execute the operational processes online using Relgo Applications in a web browser including Org chart maintenance with regular updates, Professionals Scheduling, Professionals attendance and Leaves management and salary payments which reduced the Axon operational process executions cost and maintenance.

As per above example Axon company has explained their company and what they exactly facing business problems. Relgo provides a solution for their processes automation.