Manage and maintain your employees attendance with just a click , every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time anywhere ,schedule multiple shifts and rotation policies ,keep tracking the working hours and also able to manage legit payroll process with respective employees. Employee dashboard available to monitor their day to day real time attendance

What can you manage ?

    Attendance management used to manage the attendance tracking, such as in time and out time. This automates the process of employee time tracking. Meanwhile, attendance is automatically tracked and recorded. -Employee can give attendance at any time and location -Manage Payments and performance through Attendance


  1. • Capture attendance through Biometric device and also through mobile app
  2. • Configure multiple attendance policies to capture employee attendance as per shift based
  3. • Roster & Shift planning across departments and locations
  4. • Employee dashboard for real time attendance
  5. • Wi-Fi and location based attendance

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