Solution Highlights

What customer gets after automating business?

Customer gets all their business operations simplified and also provides you to manage your organization operational activities and deployed processes, roles, licenses and employees to process to their roles, functionality, messages and notifications to provide quick access to all critical things.Mobile app to access your business management application. automated business gives you automated package.

Business Portal

Customers get their own Business Portal where employees and customers login. When you deploy in ROC, you will get organization portal for employees to login. Company Portal enables organizations to publish activities, enforce organization security and much more. It streamlines operations, enhances productivity and enhances brand value of the organization to utilize automation infrastructure.

Employee Dashboard

Employees will get common Employee Dashboard for common and personalized activities. ROC enables Employee Dashboard to manage the deployed processes, roles, users, licenses and organization automation infrastructure. It enamles to manage enterprise operations costs with just in time licensing, provides security to enterprise data and enables managing enterprise processes and roles for operational growth.

Role Dashboard

Operational Role Dashboard with all functionality assigned to employee. Relgo operations cloud provide personalized dashboard for employees with tasks. It helps employees to be more productive with all their activities in a streamlined view for quick execution. The integrated role dashboards will give access to their roles, functionality, messages and notifications to provide quick access to all critical things.

Mobile App

Mobile App to access your business management application, Mobile app provides more value to its customers by providing better connection, which helps to build a strong brand awareness and boosts profits to organization.

Automated Business

Your business processes and role scenarios automated and available as package in RAS. you can upgrade the package if you need any other processes with existing package.Packaged Application Automated in Development Cloud before deploying to Operations Cloud. After testing, deploy to operations cloud for organization operations.

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