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Asset management Managing assets of organisation is utmost priority of any organisation, they make up the important components of operations. Your company’s technological and non - technical assets like documents, contracts, litigations, even hardware, machinery, and equipment, must be tracked to manage, as they are depreciated as time passes. With our Asset Management module, tag any serialized material with trackers like RFID, NFC, Bar Code, QR Code or other Sensors, and effectively track assets throughout their life cycle without missing a minute detail.

Usecases :

  • -- Manage inward stock
  • -- Manage outward stock
Property management Projects are associated with design and bill of material and resources and delivery time lines, dependency and milestones are set as per your requirements. We have come with this comprehensive module which will simply put the things in order, streamline workflow, reduce the hassles in daily operations, and prevent any redundant task from repeating. Keep track of every single detail, be it contract, lease documents, contact information, unit details and also get notice of any maintenance repairs.
Production Management It is a complex process of refining the goods,create desired productsalongside repetitive or unwanted ones. Technology is catching speed, we want your organisation to taste the advantage of having a easy to use production management application platform to reluctantly meet the needs of order made especially for those complex multichannel manufacturing units.roduction management is to produce goods and services of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at minimum cost. It also tries to improve the efficiency. Production management ensures full or optimum utilisation of available production capacity. Production management helps the firm to satisfy its customers increases the firms reputation, goodwill and image. A good image helps the firm to expand and grow.
Material management Materials management concerned with planning, organizing and controlling the flow of materials from their initial purchase through internal operations to the service point through distribution. It manages material consumption, requests, returns and metrics for various types of materials. Usecases :
  • -- Manage store inventory