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Relgo AppStudio is the easiest way to Design, Develop and Run any business application you need.

Discover the Benefits of RelgoAppStudio

There are Significant benefits using RelgoAppStudio.

  • Develop appforms for your business operations running in Relgo Runtime.
  • Develop application forms quickly and intuitively.
  • Reduce dependency on technical skills to build applications.
  • Create portable application features with zero code integrations.
  • Streamline enterprise solution development, deployment, and operations with built-in tools.
  • Enable more agile and progressive solutions with elastic portability.
  • Utilize application metadata for business process building and increased intelligence.
  • Get access to version control for applications, data, and app spaces.

Exciting Features

RelgoApps applications are developed using the intuitive Relgo graph programming model. With features like Cloud Variables, Appforms and UX layouts, these applications empower organizations to build robust enterprise processes. The power of graph applications lies in their innate ability to identify entities, relationships and associated data, allowing for seamless developing of process flows with nocode tools. This unique programming approach enables the creation of elastic micro applications that can progressively cater to operational needs, resulting in a dynamic and efficient solution.

App Forms

RelgoApp's AppForms streamline user scenarios and automations, simplifying capturing flows and associated data. These versatile forms seamlessly integrate into business processes, reducing application development and extending operations. Reusable and importable forms expedite application development. Our form builder empowers you to effortlessly create forms for your organization, from scratch or using flexible templates. No coding required! Add fields, smart variables, variable actions, and form actions as needed. Experience the ease of building forms with limitless possibilities.

The UI layouts offered by Relgoapps simplify the development of appforms' UI screens. With a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly create stunning UI designs without any coding. Customize the display of your application forms according to your organization's needs, adjusting layouts based on user roles, devices, and specific purposes. Additionally, this feature provides a framework to easily apply controls to form variables and save them within the form. Experience seamless UI creation and enhance the overall user experience with Relgoapps.

UI Layouts


Relgo Apps Analytics enables building interactive dashboards to monitor real-time app performance and derive insights from data. It helps understand user activity, optimize feature usage patterns, identify workflow bottlenecks, track feature performances, and more. With Relgoapps Analytics, make informed decisions about your app's growth and success effortlessly. No coding or data expertise required.

Integration is the process of connecting separate systems or modules to exchange data. With nocode integrations, just-in-time post-deployment capabilities effortlessly facilitate seamless integration of modules and applications across disparate systems. This dynamic integration minimizes development needs, relying on knowledge graphs of source and target applications for a smooth and efficient process.



Relgo Appstudio has just in time Debugging where you can debug the functionality as you develop application. No test code or build is needed, and visual functional logic makes reduces the development significantly. Debug framework enables developers to test the designed form quickly. The Debug Framework has several tools that make designing forms easier, faster, and more intuitive.

RelgoApps App Versioning empowers users to effortlessly manage and control the check-in and versioning of app forms, data, and packages. With the seamless integration of version control in appstudio, it streamlines the process for nocode apps, metadata, and application data, specifically designed for enterprise users. Our customers can effortlessly maintain multiple versions of all their packaged solutions, data, compliance data, and more.

App Versioning

App Variables

Relgoapps appvariables offer a nobel and user friendly method of capturing data for entities and relationships. These intelligent variables simplify programming patterns and speed up develop graph programming models, enabling operational simplifications, stakeholder integrations, and data privacy in a wide range of enterprise data models.

Relgo Apps offers a wide range of tools that empower you to create innovative packaging, automate information, design dynamic menus, define APIs, and package application scenarios. These cutting-edge features intelligently streamline user operations, making them ideal for efficiently managing thousands of user scenarios and use cases within any enterprise.

App MetaData

Software For All

Software As A Service (SaaS)
  • Relgo Appstudio SaaS offers great value for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution for development, automation, and deployment. It's particularly popular among small and medium-sized companies, allowing them to efficiently build and implement solutions.
  • Our services are ideal for developers who need an integrated toolset for Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CI/CD).
  • Streamlining workflow for efficiency. With a secure development environment, version control, and ready-to-use templates, RelgoApps SaaS minimizes development time. It also provides remote access and seamless sharing for smooth collaboration. Our solutions are built on secure and scalable systems with robust security features
  • Relgo Appstudio Enterprise offers comprehensive development and release environments, as well as deployment tools for your organization. These solutions can be implemented either on your premises or hosted in a private cloud, ensuring optimal performance and giving you full control over your operations.
  • Setting up the enterprise Docker environment for Relgo Appstudio is a seamless process, allowing users to effortlessly manage enterprise-grade version control for code and data. It also ensures robust security measures for both development and production environments.
  • Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements.


Choose the Best Plan which is suitable for your business.

Developers Subscription
$99 / per user per month

  • Create, build, and operate the Business Applications you require on our cloud platform. Perfect for developers.

Enterprise Developer License
$999 / one-time payment

  • Create, build, operate & deploy the Business Applications on third-party cloud servers like Docker or your own Enterprise Server.Perfect for Enterprise Developers.
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