Roshni is Relgo Operations Cloud
with AI enabling businesses
to build, automate, deploy
and run operational processes


Autoscale Cloud

Relgo's Cloud IT infrastructure automatically scales the processes and roles for any number of users and gives you smooth experience. Our world class datacenter infrastructure ensures the data is safe and secure and has disaster recovery.

Manage Enterprise Processes

Manage and curate enterprise processes and roles for deploying in to operations on demand. It will provide great comfort for adminsitration to keep automated processes for onboarding operations and employees along with enterprise data.

Enterprise data archive

Relgo operations cloud secures operations data against deletion, theft, attrition and maintain strict data privacy as per permissions given by administration. Data is automatically archived ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery.

Simplified Operations

Relgo Operations Cloud organizes enterprise automation infrastructure, processes and roles to connect them and perform related operations there by simplifying processes and automating roles. The role users will have access to all relevant infrastructure, processes, and data enabling them to do more.

Reduced Operating Costs

Relgo operations cloud reduces enterprise operations costs by optimizing inventory, sourcing material, hiring, movement, utilization and much more. It also provides aggregated information organization level inventory, supply chain to choose best source for delivering material.

Enhanced Productivity

Relgo Operations Cloud improves productivity of employees by providing agile onboarding, role training certification, tasks and data required part of their role dashboard. Identity verfication and device bound token provides security,secure access to resources and strong repudiation for accountability.



Company portal

When you deploy in ROC, your will get organization portal for employees to login. Company portal enables organizations to publish activities, enforce organization security and much more. It streamlines operations, enhances productivity and enhances brand value of the organization to utilize automation infrastructure.


Role Dashboard

Relgo operations cloud provide personlized dashboard for employees with tasks. It helps employees to be more productive with all their activities in a streamlined view for quick execution. The integrated role dashboards will give access to their roles, functionality, messages and notifications to provide quick access to all critical things.


Control Panel

ROC enables control panel to manage th deployed processes, roles, users, licenses and organization automation infrastructure. It enamles to manage enterprise operations costs with just in time licensing, provides security to enterprise data and enables managing enterprise processes and roles for operational growth.


Help Desk

Relgo provides support, consultant professionals, online forums and just in time help in applications. Rich content for users, automation professionals, and domain experts and developers makes enterprise operations automation and adminsitration easy. You can reah us through all communication media.


Operations Monitoring

Relgo's live operations monitoring team proctively monitors defects ensuring smooth running of enterprise operations, proactively fixing and maintaining for operations continuity, ensuring the automation usage by employees and continuously innovating your processes and roles.

Our Happy Clients They Trust Us

We build trust in our clients by delivering process simpliļ¬ed solutions.