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HR Simplified gives you all the necessary tools to Build, Manage and Motivate your workforce.


HR is the easiest way to streamline HR admin work. It helps in managing the most important aspects of work related to employee on-boarding, management, and compliance. We make it easy for you to manage HR-related operations to save time and money. From the employee side, it makes it easier for them to find their way around the organization and keep track of their leave records, attendance records & more.

Timesheet Management

Timesheet is a data table which an employer can use to track the time of a particular employee has worked during a certain period on a particular project. Businesses use timesheets to record time spent on tasks, projects or clients. Here employees can fill their timesheets for assigned tasks along with cost center, objective and tasks.

Attendance Management

Attendance module in HR facilitates better time keeping. Due to System Generated automated timesheets for weekly or monthly, reduces timesheet errors which leads to better project time management. It enables accurate calculation of working hours which assists in payroll computation minus the errors. It includes scenarios like self-attendance request, self-attendance etc.

Payroll Management

The Payroll management system has been developed keeping in mind all the financial aspects of employees, deductions, allowances and so on. The benefit of this application is that you can easily calculate the net pay amount for your employees and generate pay-slips. You can save time, energy, and money. Our Payroll management application will help you take care of your employee's payroll needs in simple way.

Leave Management

Manage and track employee leaves with our leave management system. The simple and easy-to-use interface of leave module makes leave processing easy for both the employees and employers. Get complete leave history of your employees with our leave management software. You can check employee's leave balance and other leave details such as eligible leaves, available paid leaves, leaves approved, rejected or pending etc...

Enterprise Deployment

  • To use HR Simplified on your own server, simply follow the instructions detailed in the Enterprise deployment document provided below. This will guide you through the setup process.

Once setup is complete, Validate your purchased license and start working with all the features of Relgo HRM.

Enterprise Plan

Access all features for small to larger organizations in a secure enterprise environment.

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