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Project Managers

Complete solution for managing projects

Operation Members

Schedule flow of work Communicate through


Analyze Scheduler Tracking of time progress


Simplified Dashboard to know health of the Project.

Key Benefits

  • Easily create, visualize, and collaborate on project designs and plans.
  • Monitor project progress and milestones closely. Real-time tracking helps identify roadblocks and make informed decisions to meet deadlines.
  • The Multi-Project Management solution centralizes information, simplifying oversight of multiple projects and ensuring consistent coordination.
  • Effortless collaboration among team members, irrespective of their geographical locations.
  • Transparent communication is crucial among project managers, team members, and customers. It reduces misunderstandings, aligns expectations and ensures smoother project execution.
  • Turn ideas into visuals for better stakeholder understanding. Visualization boosts engagement and ensures accurate project outcomes.
  • Keep project data, designs, and plans in a centralized location. This ensures all stakeholders have access to the latest information, reducing issues from outdated or conflicting data.
  • Leverage data collected from various projects to gain insights into your team's performance, project trends, and areas for improvement.

Integrating Relgo Designs & Project Progress into your workflow can result in better project outcomes & seamless team collaboration.

Available Platforms

SaaS Enterprise Deployment

The cloud platform offers essential features for streamlined management, without the need for expensive investments in hardware and maintenance.

Cloud customers benefit from a secure and managed environment using top-notch Relgo cloud infrastructure.

Host Relgo Design & Project Progress on your infrastructure for maximum flexibility and control.

Customers with on-premise deployments enjoy the added advantage of maintaining control over their own security, reliability, and performance. By deploying behind their own firewall, they can ensure optimal protection while maximizing operational efficiency.

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Enterprise Plan

Access all features for small to larger organizations in a secure enterprise environment.

  Custom configuration and deployment options Yes  
  Dedicated support team Yes