Relgo has number of ready to use and customised business applications for your organisation.

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  •   Material Management
  •   Learning Management System
  •   Finance Management
  •   Project Management
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Developer Tools

Use Relgo Developer Tool set(Relgo Automation Studio and Relgo Apps) to Develop, Test, Personalise, Initialise and Deploy your Business Applications.

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Productivity Tools

Boost your productivity with our Relgo Network Centre and many more features...

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Develop new elastic applications with Relgo graph, use automation studio to integrate for your operations, manage customer deployments build user experiences, version control applications and data and much more. You can manage entire life cycle of the application with Relgo Automation Cloud. You can manage deployment of processes remotely in multiple locations.

Human Resource Management

Human Resources is one of the essential business operation for any organization. Relgo's elastic HR application makes operations run in auto pilot with seemless integration of people and operations with hierarchy, permissions and personalized dashboards with accurate, just in time and easy to use operations on mobile, devices and self service portal.

Key Benefits

Relgo HRM helps to manage your employees entire journey from recuritement to work performance. Relgo HRM comes with a range of features including templates, user dashboards which gives a unified view and solution for all operations to get success.

  Self service with the range of Role dashboards
  Intergrated benfits with payroll
  Timesheets, Organization charts
  Devices data capture with locations

Finance Management

Operations integrated with financial transactions makes all operations run in auto pilot taking care of all accounting needs giving real-time balance sheet and profit and loss. Relgo's accounts module has all standard payables, receivables and standard reports seemless integrated with Operations Trasansactions, payments, receivables. Relgo's innovative virtual banks and digital currency, trusted ledgers of employees, customers, assets etc and compliance module with statutory features provides tremendous customer value.

Market Place

Managing Ecommerce store for your organization is lot easier for your business with Relgo Market Place. Relgo has features to manage build online store, community store, managing products, prices, orders, deliveries and post delivery. Integrated payments, tracking, mobile, devicecs and mobile app makes it easy to scale up your business.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship is truely interface to external world for your business. Relgo's continuous innovation on how things are done utilizing latest technology, AI, IOT makes your business agile. Relgo CRM has reaching new markets, lead generation, cold call to sales automation, and also innovative social and business outreach through communities and to build awareness to attract visitors and to convert as customers.

Project Management

Project execution and production Manufacturing are critical components of any operations. Relgo has many modules simplifying design to execution managing project designs, bill of material, rate analysis, project planning, estimations, production planning and pipeline designs, progress aggregation. Application has integrated IOT sensors to streamline production and project execution.

Material Management

Material Management deals with Procuring and Analysis of Material Movement, which includes procuring the tangible components of a Supply Chain. Relgo Material Management helps in managing Multiple Stores, In-house Store Ttransfers, Inward, Outward Movement of Stock, Procurement, Quotations, Quality and Asset Management.

Key Benefits

Relgo Material Management enables Store Manager to inspect Inward and Outward flow of Stock and Procure Material from Vendors when stock falls under reserved quantity.

  Store Manager dashboard have Stock Transactions for the filtered period of time
  Stock can be reserved for a project
  Vendor community which helps in choosing the best rated vendors
  Purchase process is simplified without any manual interaction

Learning Management

Institute and eLearning will be lot easier to Administration, admission, learning and question banks, exams and many features make it easy to manage your elearning for your organization or institute easy to manage. Integrating elearning with ERP modules monetizes the learning operations, resources and other institute activities easily.

Domain Solutions

Domain Solutions are preautomated packages for a specific business with all Elastic Applications. You can simply pick and choose and Personalize for your operations.

E-Commerce Application

ECommerce application has all modules to run your Ecommerce Store, Inventory, Procurement, Delivery, Finances, CRM etc. It is just what you need to get your store and operations with ecommerce portal, mobile application completely white labelled for your business. All Statutory, Delivery and Service Provider, Customer Management, Inventory and Return, Sourcing of products all of the modules integrated and simplified.

Institute Management Application

Institute Management Application has student and Fee administration, Admissions, Programs, Student and Parent logins, Course and Lesson plans, Content Management, Online Classes and Registration, E-Learning Question bank and Examinations. Managing number of Branches, Students, Analysis of performance along with Elearning classes makes any school operations easy to manage for any sized School or College.

Poly-clinic Management Application

Polyclinic operation has Patient Management, Appointment and Scheduling for doctors and Scheduling lab equipment, Maintaining diagnostics data, Fee administration, Referal payments and along with front desk operations. Application has all components along with Payroll, Finance, Asset Management to Manage and Scale up operations.

Productivity Tools

Relgo Network Center has mail service for your domains, conversations for teams, surveys, document management, intelligent spread sheet which is application by itself, Chat, Bots and Calendar to use for operations by all members.

Developer Tools

Develop new elastic applications with Relgo graph, use automation studio to integrate for your operations, manage customer deployments build user experiences, version control applications and data and much more. You can manage entire life cycle of the application with Relgo Automation Cloud. You can manage deployment of processes remotely in multiple locations.

Elastic Apps Development

Developers build applications elastic applications using appstudio. The graph based applications are easy to develop with powerful no code dev studio, responsive UI delveopment using UX layouts, applications provisioning, automization of applications, IOT development and analytics. The programming model is intutive, natural to develop application, elastic to extend in future and makes even functional experts build domain solutions.

Relgo Automation Studio

Building customer solution from elastic application, testing, personlizing, initializing and deploying is made easy with integrated toolset. These tools are used by Devops engineers to build, automate and deploy for customers. You can do hotfix deployments, upgrades and much more.

Cloud Data

Common Data required for automation is curated and made availble as cloud data for customers to use during automation. Statutory data is added, curated appropriately and made available for organizations to use for their operations.

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