Project progress helps in reducing expenses with effective cost management and improves time with the collaboration on real time. This is done efficiently by managing team members, managers, executives and even clients also.
For every project, project manager plays a key role. Planning and scheduling are the major parts of the project, these has to be done in an effective manner by the project manager. Project progress made this activity simple to execute and manage them perfectly.
  • Project Planning
  • Scheduled Projects
  • Project Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Communication through centralized data base
  • In Time Process
  • Web-based Management
In practical, coordinating team members in the work environment is very difficult task to do. Providing mutual coordination and communication between project team members is very easy in project progress with emails, notifications, alerts...
  • Easy Scheduled flow of work
  • Tasks Tracking
  • In formal communication through social media networks
  • Time Logs
  • Real Time Notifications
  • High Secure and Collaborative
Project executives may be concern with a particular project or any department manager in the organization. Spending money and time for the progress of project is to be controlled by project executives. It creates so much of stress to them. For this Project progress provides a unique simplified dashboard to avoid the stress generated by cost and time managing for each project. It gives the total health of the project in a single view and helps in prioritizing them. And also it gives
  • Project Progress
  • Collaboration
  • Know Updates
  • Tracking the total project
  • Scheduler
Clients are major asset for the project progress. They need information of every project they dealing for the estimation of cost and time it consuming.
  • Exclusive Simplified Dash Board
  • Progress of Projects
  • Real time up gradations
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