Write a story and associate with your automated package for monetizing it. Also you can pick from stock stories with the set of ready to use processes that suit your requirement and deploy it to live using Relgo Solution Builder tool.

Select from standard stock processes and role templates and package them in to appspaces for your organization. You can create as many appspaces as required for managing your organization automation.

Automate packaged appspace in development cloud before deploying to operations cloud for your organization. Wizard helps you to deploy and test each role scenario and makethe ready for production.

Develop and customize your elastic application functionality, data and user experience as required. Modified applications can be provisioned and automized for enabling user to easily deployable and automate their processes.

Relgo Solution Builder is set of tools for automating Organization processes. It enables you to develop elastic applications, prepare enterprise appspaces, automate the operational processes and roles and deploy in production for operational usage. RAS utilizes development cloud for developing and testing environment and operations cloud for deploying customer production appspaces. It has four different tool sets,

process.io enables to enterprise administrators to package organization processes, roles and industry data in to appspaces.

automate.io helps to automate packaged processes, roles enabling to install, initialize and test the scenarios with operational data.

elasticapp.io provides development framework to build elastic codeless applications, user experience, provision and automizing elastic apps. It also utilizes the operational platform to incorporate AI, ML, Block Chaining resources for developing elastic applications and user eexperience.

story.io enables you to create story for your automated package and publish for future use or monetize. It makes the automaated environment reusable for third parties.

You need Verification Token for your identity to register for RAS. If you have one select token in the box above then login. Click Verify Identity in Relgo.com