Builders are the key people in the sector of real estate. It becomes very difficult for any builder to understand and manage the construction status every time a new project is started or in case of handling more number of projects at a time. It is important to identify and track the progress of the tasks which accounts maximum for the venture to get completed. In this process, one needs to understand various aspects such as resource allocation, payments made, progress status etc. for which just an accounting software will not work. A complete solution which gives an overall status of the venture is required.
Relgo Realty ERP provides a complete solution which any builder would like to have in order to improve the business.
Benefits to Builders :
  • Feature rich module wise software
  • In house deployment facilitates the user to avoid high bandwidth connections.
  • Complete management of resources, projects, payments and revenue.
  • Increased transparency in your real estate portfolio helps you optimize your investment decisions. Identifying
    key figures and benchmarking increase efficiency in assessing performance.
Realty ERP
Ideal solution for SME, individuals, working with agents etc.