Customer Relationship Management
Designed for real estate Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software module enables you to manage your customer relations through a database of all your current and prospective customers with vital personal, contact and other information. Through this web based CRM module, you can have instant access to customer information (based on your employee credentials) and execute crucial tasks of effective CRM like contacting customers, attending to their calls & queries, building good customer rapport, generating reports, analyzing trends, receive notification on customer query, send group sms, group emails from dashboard.
Overall features and benefits :
Maintain lead & customer's contact details, update customer profile, view lead progress bar, view customer payment -     construction stage progress bar, receive notification on customer query, track customer follow up activity.
Provision for CRM team to create payment plan [This operation however send message when new Payment Plan is      created.
 Reach out to customers instantly through sms, emails, drop notes etc.
 Sort out issues pertaining to customer payments.
 Promptly attend to all customer queries, suggestions and maintain good customer rapport.
Customer can view or update his/her profile details, send messages, view alerts, payment reminders, venture/plot      details, etc.
In a nutshell, this module helps you to effectively manage all customer centric issues and the objective is to build a highly efficient and focused customer network, enhancing the overall customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
Relgo ERP
Relgo ERP is a web based application, deployed in your datacenter and integrated with other applications.