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Realty ERP Complete ERP solution for real estate and construction organizations

Realty ERP A complete business automation software built for real estate, construction and infrastructure, builders, large contractors, property brokers. The real estate ERP gives integrated business mind  and simplified operations

  • Complete MIS management: accounts, customers, inventory, procurement, estimations, leads, project management, Landbank, agent commission at fingertips ...
  • Improve the productivity of your sales & service team
  • Transparency and customer portal improves customer satisfaction.

Business owners needs to instituionalize operations for enabling growth and efficiency and to stay on par with the changing business needs and the economic trends, providing value for money for customers. Relgo is committed to helping you keep pace with the change by delivering software solutions and strategic services designed to drive your organization forward and to enhance your organizational productivity.


RealtyERP is lean and mean enterprise application built on latest advances in technologies providing value for money. It provides number of valuable features and user friendly deployment options such as

Builders, Land Developers,        Contractors
Complete Integrated ERP
Intranet Deployment
SaaS Application
Managed Services
Integrated mails, SMS, alerts
24x7 customer support
  • Sales Automation: Simplifies the process of generating the leads and transforming them into prospective customers.
  • CRM & Customer Portal: Maintains customer data in one place and helps deliver world class customer experience gaining customer trust and confidence.
  • Marketing and Lead management: Marketing, campaigning, lead generation and lead analysis simplifies the campaining process and marketing ventures.
  • Ventures and Land Bank: Organizations landbank and venture inventory enables managing your ventures, layouts, Residential complexes, plots and managing landbank, surveys and corresponding documentation.
  • Construction Planning, Estimates and Consumption: Realty ERP provides integrated planning, estimates, material consumption providing accurate rate analysis and execution.
  • Procurement & Inventory Management: Maintain optimum inventory levels across stores with accurate and web based  indenting, purchase order process and store management.
  • Project Management & Progress Monitoring: Integrated project management, progress tracking and construction updates provide real time visibility of complete business operations.