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Company Profile
Relgo Networks, Inc. was established in the year 2005 as a software product and solutions company with the primary goal to empower people and organizations to optimize their resources, both internally and externally through connected solutions. With our corporate headquarters at Redmond, Washington and a full-fledged development center at Hyderabad, India, our management and technical team comprises of a highly dedicated and experienced technocrats with strong business acumen, relentlessly pursuing and realizing the goals, as set forth by our organization. Our comprehensive Business model coupled with strong quality practices at all levels, enabled us to deliver cost-effective products and solutions on time, matching or even surpassing our customers' expectations.
Relgo's technology platform
Our Relgo platform is industry tested, secure and audited by Truste for privacy and security. Unlike legacy ERP/CRM applications, Relgo platform provides rapid customization; fully web enabled and utilizes connected stake holders in every transaction.
Relgo's product offerings and Solutions
In tune with the current market scenario and dynamic business requirements, our products and solutions are designed to cater to any market segment - individuals, businesses and corporations. Moreover, our innovative Relgo Platform has evolved from utilizing the connected infrastructure of people and entities to derive optimum efficiency. Over a period of time, our products have become synonymous with quality and innovation due to our consistent team efforts and the commitment to deliver products on time. Relgo products now enjoy a high brand value globally, which are highly intuitive and cost effective, enhancing the efficiency of corporate governance & financial operations of any organization.
With our proven technological expertise and innovation, backed by an excellent sales network, our concept platform and inference engine technologies are patented across the globe in a number of countries. Apart from that, our versatility of our solutions enabled us to scale across the globe to few people and few resources to millions of people and resources. We can now boast of worldwide customers in diverse domains like Logistics, Retail, Real estate, Education and many more.
Relgolook was our first flagship product, launched successfully in the year 2006. It's a Microsoft Outlook Add-on, aimed to enrich and enhance the email experience of any user by innovatively organizing, searching and managing the user's mails and contacts efficiency and effortlessly. Buoyed by the tremendous success of Relgolook and the benefits accrued by organizations and individuals alike, the company had confidently forayed into other domains like Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, etc, with core focus being on offering seamless and cost-effective connected solutions surpassing geographical boundaries; enhancing the operational efficiency & productivity of any business concern. In due course of time, we have successfully launched products targeted to specific domains like CaseSheet (Health care domain), Realty ERP (Realty ERP domain), Academics (Educational domain) and ProjectProgress (a web enabled project management application). RelgoApps (Relgo PaaS platform) provides easy to use cloud application development platform for functional consultants and developers for rapid development of SaaS and cloud deployable applications on the web.
As part of our future growth plans, we plan to customize and improvise the existing products to cover a broad spectrum of business segments, which are hitherto isolated; and launch products in other emerging domains. Our motto is very simple - satisfy your customer to always keep you in business.
Some of our solutions...
  • Our bulk processing of surveys for a government rehabilitation program helped over 2500 families with a government budget of over $25,000,000 (USD).
  • A logistics company eliminated their month end invoice processing time through web for their customers.
  • A young upcoming retail company with direct marketing grew customer base considerably and built their loyalty program.
  • An educational institute launched a new finishing school concept and reached over 100,000 unemployed candidates instantaneously.
  • A full fledged real estate business automation software (realty erp) deployed over six different customers.
  • Complete business process automation (branches, consignments, tracking etc) for courier company.
  • Infrastructure ERP for sub contracting agency to optimize the resources and manage the costs.
  • ERP for boiler fabrication and Manufacturing company for plant process automation and procurement.
  • and much more