Graph Platform Overview

Relgo Automation Cloud(RAC) is a tool set for agile teams to Design, Develop, Deploy and Manage customer solutions on the cloud. RAC supported by Graph Database, Built in Industry Standard Processes, Elastic Application Development Tool, Development Cloud for application Testing and Operations cloud for live customer use. RAC enables to maintain continuous delivery pipeline by agile teams of any size.

Tools for continuous automation


  •   Capture customer story.
  •   Capture story wise use cases.
  •   Define use case wise tasks.


  •   Select process from Relgo Cloud Store or define new process.
  •   Package selected processes for Automation.

3. Elastic

  •   Design and Develop application based on new process.
  •   Define process wise provisioning and Automization data for new application.
  •   Define test cases for new process.
  •   Check in into version account and manage application versions.
  •   Publish application in user app store.


  •   Validate use case wise selected process in development cloud.
  •   Fix use case Gaps and UX layout issues.


  •   Deploy package in customer choice Cloud (Relgo Cloud, AWS, AZURE, Private Server)
  •   Initiate application data live process.
  •   Manage application Upgrades and Hot fixes.
  •   Setup application Backup and Restore process.

Assisted Business ServicesAssisted Business Services

Assisted Business Services (ABS) provide outsourced business services for any organization. Many common business processes such as monthly payroll processing, accounts, facilities scheduling etc provided as a service to companies for running their business smoothly even in the absense of internal resources. The automated services enable to have data secured and available all the time for you to access from anywhere.

Customers save the time, operational costs, peace of mind with trained professionals completing the business processes in time and securing data. ABS franchise has trained and certified staff to assist with business process.

Partner Services ExchangePartner Services Exchange

Partner Services Exchange (PSX) enable partners to provide services to Relgo automation cloud customers to enroll and utilize. PSX provides partner portals to manage their services listing, pricing, orders, billing and reaching to targeted RAC customers. Providers will be able to reach corporate customer employees through Partner services Exchange through corresponding applications.

Some of the enrolled partner services providers are Health Insurance providers, GST Suvidha providers, SMS, Compliance providers etc. Service providers are quickly onboard and enable their offerings using Relgo Automation Services.

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