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Relgo Connected Solutions enable relationship centric operations to simplify lead acquisition, sales, day to day employee operations, customer support, monitoring and much more. These custom solutions are cost effective, intuitive as well as task & role oriented, which are built for specific problem areas for enhancing operational efficiency and decision making.

These solutions thus enable you to:
  • Connect to customers, field offices, sales, site engineers, distributors or someone remote to complete transactions or collect data and get aggregated reports, based on hierarchy and scope.
  • Share customer or partner business documents, invoices, design documents and other information automatically through privacy controlled login.
  • Create workflow over a stake holder network for a business operation such as approvals.

Features of connected solutions

We provide an exhaustive set of features targeted for all business segments. However, based on your specific business needs, your application may utilize one or more of these features, we offer as follows:

  • Setup Operational relationships, reporting hierarchy and contact directory.
  • Setup custom business forms, surveys, input data collection and so on.
  • Setup messages, invitations, notifications, schedules, notes, SMS and so on.
  • Generate a variety of reports - dynamic, real-time, aggregate and scoped reports.
  • Share documents, information, forms, surveys and reports.
  • Share Customer service portal and accounts.
  • Share Customer Subscriptions and licensing.

Customer References:
Logistics :
Our Solutions are targeted for multi location freight forwarding companies which make customs clearance quite easy. Apart from that, our solutions enable shipping and logistic companies with account sharing, vessel, consignment tracking, shipping information sharing, Tally integration, Progress update and synchronization of multi location operations. Last, but not the least, we also provide stake holder and customer support account login & security.
Medical & Pharma:

Manage laboratory operations with Relgo solutions. Provide secure access to doctors for referring patients and prescribing tests. Doctors can get instant history of their patients in the form of reports. Laboratory can maintain doctors, patient records, update test reports, add new tests and pricing.
Our solutions to education are catered for the specific needs of a particular college which include automated test evaluation, ranking, student progress, performance analysis, online tests, parent connect, automated attendance, SMS, etc.
Technology, BPO and Recruitment:
Relgo solutions provide relationships, Information organization & archival, global relationship directory and access for worldwide branches and people. An affordable solution ranging from an individual person to large organizations for managing their operations, time sheets, attendance, profiles, skill sets, internal & external referrals management, etc.
Tally Accounting Integrated Solutions:
Relgo solutions enable integration with Tally accounting system for corporations to share and also synchronize the Accounting ledgers, Invoices, Bill of Lading, etc of their customers and partners. Our solutions enable account authentication, login, sharing and approval mechanism of Tally accounts. We can provide a customised dashboard comprising of unified tally accounts from multilocations.
Community Security Solutions:
Relgo Community security solution provides relief and security for community administrators, family members and children through integrated identity for groups, people and related people. In addition to that it provides security monitoring with rfid, SMS, finger print, automation, system integration and video feed integration.
Custom Solutions:
Relgo can provide a number of solutions for any organization that can effectively connect its stakeholders, distributors, dealers, representatives and executives. Our SOA solutions offer adequate security and relief for any executive by providing instant reports, progress and operations data for effective decision making.