Human Resource Management
" HR Management enables organizations to simplify and manage their HR operations through intuitive process defined, task-based dashboards and reports, deployed in cloud environment. The features are easy to use and can be operated on any device. HR is crisp, elastic and collaborative for organizations of any size "

Our Features

Streamline employee Profile Management, Attendance, Leaves, Payroll, Performance, Benefits and Separation Management as well as new employee on boarding


It helps to manage your organization employees attendance that's integrated with payroll process. HR enables integration with RFID, Biometric and other chip based devices for collecting attendance


Customizable leave types and policies empower the organizations to easily manage leave requests and approvals of employee's leaves.


Fully automated payroll management enabling pay slips and periodic payroll statements and accounts integration. As payroll process is integrated with employee's attendance and leaves, manual entries are eliminated.


Define and create employees benefits like medical, insurance, performance based incentives, commissions etc. and easily manage the benefits with our benefits management feature integrated with payroll.


Monitor and keep a track of employee's performance with a clear and concise KRA/KPIs and task metrics of individual employees. Manage the employee performance reviews, KPI and KRA settings in a pre-defined periodic update.


Recruit empowers HR executives to receive job applications from multiple sources, setup screening processes, conduct online tests, Interviews and hiring process. Hiring is never made look so easy.


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