Relgo Network Center

Relgo Network Center (RNC) simplifies organizing IT infrastructure and devices for automation and productivity individuals. RNC empower employees and organizations with the right set of tools managing organization, devices and just collaboration needed integrating with operational processes. It makes personal collaboration seamlessly fit in to organization environment enhancing productivity and simplicity considerably.

Relgo Network Center has the many features to simplify your organization infrastructure for automation. Organization Directory, making organization hierarchy available collaboration and operations, Network Graph, to manage personal relational graphs, Collaboration tools for organization productivity; Devices infrastructure and hosting elastic applications for just in time productivity.

Organization Directory

Organization can manage Users, Identities, Employees, Hierarchy, Roles etc. Organization directory is mandatory for operations automation and this feature makes it is easy to reorganize and adjust the teams. Key use cases for the organization directory are

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  • Manages identities, Members, Employees and all the resources in an Organization.
  • Manage Roles, Positions, Hierarchy and various groups for your Organization.
  • Manage functional groups, Distribution lists.
  • Browse/Search employees according to the Name and Email address.
  • Tag users and Groups for easy collaboration.

Network Graph

Individuals have many relationships for different contexts. Network graph helps to build and maintain people networks and groups with family of relationships for various contexts. One can use network graph’s for

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  • Create private network with specific family of relations for private collaboration
  • Maintain any number of private, shared and public networks
  • Search, tag graph entities for group collaboration


Whether you work individually (or) in a team, RNC collaboration features keep all stakeholders involved and be on the same page maintaining transparency. RNC productivity tools are intuitive and easy to use for organizations and individuals.

Emails Play Demo

Secure emails for your business and employees. Trusted, no-relation, applications generated mails segregates mails automatically for easy to manage. Beside stay professional with your domain mail identity for all your employees. Unique and professional email addresses give your company the authenticity and visibility it deserves.

Conversation Play Demo

Conversation messaging is instant post to target user or groups, where people can post a message and give a reply to the particular message. Conversations are helpful for teams to engage groups and personal to converse on their topics.

Chatrooms Play Demo

RNC chatrooms are used as private communication channel between members. Users can create any number of chatrooms for peer to peer communications or use them for support or other anonymous chat room for the organization.

Chatbots Play Demo

RNC Chatbots are anonymous bots answering questions with predefined answers. The bots are continuously fed with information to answer any questions. If bot cannot answer, it can automatically pose the question to chatroom for a person to answer.

Docstore Play Demo

RNC docstore is secure environment to store and access any of your documents. You can maintain history of the documents and use it for the organization. You can use it as organization shared folders and share specific docs or folders.

Calendar Play Demo

Setup Personal and Organization Calendars, Meeting scheduling with resources and relations. Share calendar easily with other members in the group.

Surveys Play Demo

Create your own surveys and collect the feedback or survey groups of people. Automated analysis give question wise analysis and reports of your surveys. Use relgo surveys internally and externally for collecting survey inputs for effective analysis.

Blogs Play Demo

A blog space is the best possible way to engage your audience and like-minded visitors. Relgo blogs are a great way to share your information and quick updates with comments. You can ask people to contribute to a blogspace, publish to blog site and share blog links and allow others to follow your blog.


Relgo IOT Framework

RNC has network management application to add and maintain any kind of connected IOT devices. Relgo also has IOT platform to build device sensor drivers, and enable RNC to add and configure them. RNC execute commands on sensor device using 3iot protocol, hosts and maintain telemetry data. Automation applications use telemetry data to utilize for their processes. Relgo currently has four telemetry devices to purchase and use as part of their automation and user can integrate any of the custom device. RNC also allows to add any mobile sensors to add for network management to use for automation.

  • Relgo IOT framework enables sensors to be integrated with business processes for day to use. It has provision for
  • Developing IOT sensor devices through ESPP8266 or ESP32 based IOT device.
  • Developing drivers for sensors through arduno or through other IOT ide’s.
  • Setting up Device types for the sensors through Relgo Apps for use.
  • Developing process applications binding to sensor devices for reading and writing data.
  • Setup and install user device through integrate device in RNC.
  • Integrate user devices to user processes and scenarios through RAS or ROC login.

Relgo Provides 3IOT devices which are integrated in RNC.

Biometric Device - 3IOT-101

Biometric device-3IOT-101-( A biometric device is a security identification and authentication device . Relgo biometric device includes buzzer which is used for secure authentication purpose which also includes fingerprint,RFID,Led. )

Biometric Device - 3IOT-102

Biometric device-3IOT-102 (Relgo 3IOT-102 is a secure identification and authentication device which provides the features which includes fingerprint, RFID, led, buzzer. There is a additional feature magenetic doorlock which provides high security for offices, residencial purpose etc;)

Biometric Device - 3IOT-201

Biometric device-3IOT- 103 (Relgo 3IOT-103 is a security identification and authentication device, it also includes the display which the user can able to view the actions performed. Mostly used for office purposes for attendance caluculation.)

Biometric Device - 3IOT-202

Biometric device-3IOT-(104 3IOT is a security identification and authentication device which provides the features like RFID,fingerprint,Buzzer,led and doorlock.It has high security identification and it acts like authentication device.Mostly used for attendance caluculation in offices)

Mobile IOT

Relgo mobile app helps in accessing the Relgo enterprise services from smart phone. We are making automation as pocket friendly. Turn your phone into your personal automation assistant to help you in accessing your respective modules and its updates. You can easily access Relgo tools like Relgo Automation Studio(RAS), Relgo Network Center(RNC), RELGO APPS and Relgo Cloud Services(RCS).

Relgo Mobile App - Android and IOS

Tool Offerings

  • Mail Services
  • Blogs
  • Surveys
  • Post
  • Documents
  • Networks
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  • Organization Directory
  • Domain Mailing Service
  • File Management
  • Blog Setup
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