Here are the some of EXPERTS we can please refer them by selecting specification


To drive as a member of the community of Relgo automation studio one can enroll in the following according to the specified requirements.


Automation Engineers be able to take operating procedures and complete the implementation process and ensure the customer employees are trained as role user. Automation engineers are technical and well trained on products.



Process Analysts are experts in domain business process, procedures and are certified in analyzing business processes to get operations automated. They manage complete life cycle of one or more business processes automation. Process Analysts works with automation engineers to get your organization and business processes streamlined.



Developer License is to develop and test and provision the elastic applications for the organization. This is ideal for enterprise developers. Here the developers develop the applications for the organization in operations cloud. The developers can test the developed applications and do provisioning the developed application in operations cloud. As per the organization requirement the developer can customize the elastic applications with this subscription ENROLL HERE


Employees play critical functional role in an organization. Replacing an experienced employee is risky and difficult in the absence of structured process. Once you automate the processes, the role processes training will enable any employee to quickly gain expertise in an organization processes and be productive. ENROLL HERE