Material Management

Material Management System is a complete flexible package for production units which supervises the processes and makes a comprehensive system for recording and summarizing business transactions fulfledgely. Relgo Material Management solution will help you organisation support, business to manage their incoming in-process materials, raw materials, and finalize goods from primary registration of the material to its best product.

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Designs and BOM

Manage organization designs and design templates for operations and reuse. Prepare BOM and related activities.

Project Progress

Manage projects, tasks, progress in a Unified Dashboard, Task wise estimates, Planning and Resource allocation.

Material Management

Manage Material Consumption, Requests, Returns and Metrics for various types of Material.

Procurement Management

Procurement process streamlines and optimizes material utilization, purchases and Vendors integration.

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Design BOM Template from the Drawing.

Design product and create Bill Of Material (BOM).

Sass and Less support

Prepare Estimates for any Project (or) Job

Estimate Cost, Time, Quantity and Quality to start any project.

Sass and Less support

Design Library for Standard Products

You can maintain the library with all Products, Features and Specifications for Project Execution.

Sass and Less support

Prepare Plan for Project Execution

Prepare plan for a project by setting milestones through Project Progress.

Sass and Less support

Execute project according to Quality Metrics

You can prepare the quality metrics with different tests by benchmarking the quality of product.

Sass and Less support

Monitor Project Progress

Monitor your project progress with day to day evaluation through project progress and reasons for delay.

Sass and Less support

Procure Material for Operations and Projects

You are able to create a relation between vendors and organization for timely management of all materials required for project for free flow of operations.

Sass and Less support

Manage Suppliers, their items and transactions

Manage third party organizations that supply goods and services to the organization.

Sass and Less support

Manage inventory and know the stock details.

Manage Stock Inventory, Inward and Outward Stock in Warehouse.

Sass and Less support

Manage Sales Inventory

Know your Purchase and sales order at any point of time.

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