Team Management

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Manage contacts and relationships in networks and Groups. Owner, Networks, groups and domain specific relation types isolate and organize the working environment.


Manage domain specific enterprise relations, by establishing relationships and organizing activities in one place for easy access and security.


Generate target lists by tagging, searching and inferring relations and their profiles. Generated lists such as customers, vendors etc. may be used for promotion and operations use.

Devices & IOT

Manage devices in your organization. Biometric, RFID, Home automation and any IOT devices. Add the device and it is ready to use in your operations.


Manage Entities and profiles for enterprise. Profiles are used to manage personal activities and publish work and as personal website for promotion.


Manage your organization locations, property, employees and vendor locations for scheduling and associating with resources, utilize for delivery, pricing, taxes and much more.


Manage your Resources and corresponding activities automatically. This could be property, any asset etc.

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Build Relation Network

A significant feature to build and maintain a people network specifying the relation type between the entities.

Sass and Less support

Setup Organization Directory

Create organization directory in four simple steps by defining the required locations, departments, roles and positions and complete employee on-boarding.

Sass and Less support

Manage Organization Resources

Resource scheduling helps to define and organize the resources based on requirement.

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