Product FAQ
  1. Is this a customizable program?
    Yes, there are multiple levels of customization possible

    a) Application has administrator account, which will enable setting up tasks, permissions, dashboards, reports based on roles, needs of the company. For example a cashier will need only enter payments and he will not be able update sales status or product price etc.

    b) Business Forms such as Status, venture details, payment models etc, can be easily updatable by administrator.

    c) It is our product built on Microsoft .NET, we can customize features and provide you to your satisfaction.

  2. Does it have a backup utility / application in case the system breaks down?
    Yes, you can backup through administrator interface any venture data or all the ventures, customer data etc.

    Our backend is MS Sql server 2008. In enterprise deployment, you can do regular SQL backup. If you use hosted model, we take server backup daily.
  3. How does the actual system works?

    Relgo Realty ERP is built on Relgo platform which has client SDK and web services. RealtyERP backend is built on Microsoft Sql Server, .NET platform. Application is certified to work with Windows Server 2008 R2 by Microsoft.

    It is web based application and you can have any number of user accounts for employees, customers and agents. It has secure web services implementing cloud platform. Application uses platform to save data in a structured in memory application data model and stored in back end Sql Server.

    You can have entire application deployed in three different ways
    1) In your data center as enterprise application
    2) Integrate with your website for your customer access and intranet for employee access (dedicated deployment)
    3)Use to use our datacenter as Software as Service (SaaS) model.

    In a hosted application, where you subscribe and use the application like gmail or any other service, when customer signs up a private workspace will be created and all the masters and transactions will be stored in private workspace.

    1) Customer registers with administrator account through
    2) Administrator Creates employee logins, roles, tasks and permissions
    3) Venture manager creates layout and inventory (unit details)
    4) Sales leads can be added through website or through application
    5) Sales Manager who ever has appropriate permissions will be able to assign the leads to sales executive.
    6) Sales executives followup and update status and convert the leads to sales.
    7) Cashier will have pending payments and enters the payments as and when received.
    8) Executives will have real-time reports of all the transactions and projections
    9) CRM team can update the construction status.
    10) CRM team and customer will receive notifications on pending payments
    11) Customers can login and check their account details and construction status
  4. What about its security feature?
    Realty ERP has multi level security embedded in to application
    a) Back end is Microsoft Sql Server 2008 which has encrypted database, completely secure. The database is never exposed on the internet.
    b) Webservices and applications are SSL enabled depending on customer choice.
    c)Administrator can control employee accounts and permissions
    d)Employee login are secure and password protected with built in controls to protect again attacks
    e)Access to accounts is privacy protected
    f)Truste an international organization audited and certified the privacy
    g)Security protected by Thawte SSL
    h)Passwords are encrypted
    i) Access to server are restricted as specified in privacy policy
  5. What is your company’s market plan? Do you see your company in another 10 or 20 years?

    Relgo has breakthrough, patented relationship platform for building enterprise and community applications. Relgo develops software products, services based on Relgo platform. Relgo also enables third party companies to build solutions on Relgo cloud platform. Relgo’s has enterprise and software as service (SaaS) applications for real estate, infrastructure industry, IT, health and education industry.

    Relgo was established in 2005 as technology company in US and currently have six software products in the market. For next 5 years we see company going to over $250 million dollars and focusing on individual, small business and enterprise customers with business automation, productivity solutions.

    Marketing plan includes selling enterprise SaaS products, productivity applications and custom solutions. We are in the process of establishing worldwide partners for number of verticals. Looking at the platform, products and markets we are going to have long haul as company. Even if the company is acquired by other companies, we are sure the products will be enhanced as the world is moving towards adopting flexible Relgo kind of applications.

  6. What can you suggest on the price scheme you posted based on the information about our company I stated above.

    Looking at your scale of operations, either webbased with unlimited employee and customer accounts is appropriate. If you wish to integrate customer login to your website, we can do that. Pricing is $5000/year

Realty ERP
We will integrate your customer portal and provide customer login for free.