Company Profile
Relgo Infrastructure Cloud is flagship solution for realestate, infrastructure community developed by Relgo Networks, Pvt. Ltd to streamline and simplify business operations for individuals and busiensses. Relgo was formed in the year 2005 and committed to enhancing productivity, reducing enterpriise costs and enabling the businesses to focus on core capabilities relieving from operational difficulties.
Relgo was formed by well experienced team in building products, understanding modern customer needs and dynamic delivery team implement the business process. Relgo has delivered number of enteprise and community solutions all over the globe. Relgo developed products and solutions to IT productivity applications and number of verticals.Relgo products are intuitive and have natural user experience to make appplications work seemlessly. Relgo's expertise is in building SaaS and cloud applications built on innovative Relgo business process automation platform.With 100 years of technical and management experince, Relgo is in best place to provide you just the solutions you need.
FICCI national Innovation Awards: Relgo platform was selected in one of the 70 innvovations across the industries by FICCI, Lockheed and UT Austin for national awards.
ITSAP 2010: Relgo's Realty ERP was one the finalist for Enterprise applications categories.
NASSCOM Top 12 SaaS Applications: Relgo ERP was one the top 12 SaaS applications making the difference in the market.
Realty ERP
Useful and Easy to Use Real Estate Software! For all the Real Estate Developers, Builders, Agents.