Real Estate market in India is becoming very competitive. With supply exceeding the demand even established players understanding the strategic role competition plays as regarding business survival and growth in Real estate or Realty sector.
Adopting well designed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which is suitable to your business is answer for getting ready for competition. Real estate ERP integrates business processes across departments onto a single enterprise wide information system or platform. The major benefits of Real Estate ERP software are improved management across departments and increased efficiencies of business.
The direct benefit from adopting an Real estate or Realty ERP system we can look forward to is reduced operating costs, such as lower inventory cost, lower construction costs, lower marketing costs and lower help desk or customer support costs.
Realty ERP systems reduce enterprise cost by providing transparency, increasing employee effectiveness and gives greater control to management. These systems make companies efficient and keep them ahead of curve.
In today’s high-tech world for a company selling products or services web has become an inevitable tool for generating leads. Now the objective is using web find prospects who ready to buy and those who can make a purchase in near future. Web has become source to give corporate an idea of what the prospective customer needs, how can they serve effectively.
If your web site and presence on web like SEO, Ads are in sink they should be providing you with a list of leads who want to be on your marketing list, people or companies who want you to call them to know and avail your services.
Use the following 5 definitive ways to generate leads on web:
PPC Leads from the Search Engines
One of the most trusted online strategies for generating leads is by attracting targeted traffic to your Website with having a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system. PPC have potential to become an indispensable tool in a company’s lead generating arsenal. PPC allow you to hit into the searches occurring in your domain of expertise and put your web site directly in front of customers who are actively searching for what you're offering. You have a guarantee to receive leads because you only pay for performance –qualified clicks and visitors.
Advertising motivates people to consider buy something. Online advertising is gaining momentum and is also one of the promising tactics for generating leads. Online advertising is also helpful for brand recognition. It is a way to reach customer who are generally shy away from reading mails and news papers. Online advertising gives faster publicity and generates leads. Placing ads in suitable locations and user profiles will serve your purpose.
Company website
Make effort to collect the contact details and email address of every person who visits your web site. If a person wants to down load some material from your website or visiting your site for more that 15 Sec he might be your competitor, researcher or prospective lead. In all cases collecting information or a login to get require information serve your purpose. Offering free stuff on creating a user account details will serve your purpose.
Surveys can be used to leverage the email addresses and contact details you have through other techniques to gain insight into what customer want to buy. If targeted properly surveys can generate hot leads. Surveys are a very good tool for high value goods, where customer spends considerable time to buy. Regularly get in touch with contact lists to ask what products they like from your offering and what they need. Your sales people can follow up with suitable prospects and close the deals.
Social Media
Much has been written about social media about their capability to generate leads. With Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, etc. becoming household names if you are not there with considerable presence on social media your lead generation efforts are not complete. You can use social media to increase your website traffic and generate leads.
Realty ERP
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