It is an efficient personal information management and archival application for Microsoft® Outlook®users.
Relgolook is an efficient personal information management and archival application for Microsoft® Outlook® users.
Relgo look is an efficient personal information management and archival application for Microsoft® Outlook® users. Relgolook enhances productivity, reduces Inbox clutter and ensures effective email management. Relgolook offers peace of mind by enabling relationships, documents and email archiving - team wise and project wise.
Why use Relgolook?
 Eliminate Inbox clutter by one click organizing history
  • Mails are automatically indexed and organized for you
  • Set relationship to email contact once and get your emails and information organized
  • Synchronize hierarchy from GAL, so that information gets organized automatically for your team members, direct reports, peers and managers
 Recover lost contacts by extracting contacts from Inbox, Archives and Microsoft Outlook Contacts
  • Extract unique contacts from Inbox, Archives, Contacts and GAL
  • Sort the extracted contacts in alphabetical order or on collaboration strength
 Ensure smooth employee transition by archiving relationships and history
  • Archive contact and relationship information, documents and history
  • Export / import contacts for exchanging with your peers
  • Import archives
 Track Real-time project status by viewing consolidated team mail and information history
  • View your project team email history
  • View your mails from direct reports, managers, peers and so on in a group
  • Combine with rules wizard and segregate elegantly
 Increase your productivity
 Avoid checking junk folder for known mails
Comparative Features of Relgolook and Relgolook - IA Relgolook Relgolook - IA
Extract and set relationships to unique email contacts from Inbox, Archives, Address books and Global Address List (GAL)
Search people and relationships from Relgolook or Web using check names and Relgolook search.
Automatically index emails and information for relationships & Groups for Information Management.
Extract employee hierarchy from GAL for email management.
Create groups based on relationship types
Tag Recipients based on email groups and Projects
Organize Group, relation and individual emails and documents
View E-mail and Document history of Groups, Relation types and Relation
Upload the Relationships to Web based Relgo network.
Import relationship hierarchy for Peer to Peer exchange.
Export relationship hierarchy for Peer to Peer exchange.
Email archiving and related documents for groups and relation types.
Import archived email and document history.
Incrementally archive emails and documents to existing archive.
Relgolook Installation and Description
Relgolook is a downloadable add-on developed for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007. You can start installing Relgolook by clicking the "Download" button. It comes with different versions for Outlook 2003 and 2007. Relgolook requires .NET Framework, .NET compact framework and other libraries. Once installed, Relgolook appears as a toolbar in Microsoft Outlook main window. It takes some time to index mail boxes, depending on the volume of emails. Once installed, wizard helps you to setup groups and relationships, web directory preferences and mapping to web directory. It is advisable to take Relgo web account and maintain consistent network in Web and Relgolook for easy use.
The core tasks you can typically execute using Relgolook are:
  • Setup relationship network and web account
  • View relationship and collaboration history
  • Import, Export, Archive and Synchronize relationships and history
  • Search and resolve relationships for sending group mails for Outlook Archive.
Steps to install Relgolook
You will require Microsoft® Visual Studio® Tools for Office Runtime for Relgolook. Click the below link to download and install these tools.
For Vista Users:
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