Welcome to Relgo University

Relgo University aims to provide training to our customers, partners and employees where and when they need it. Relgo Cloud Applications are complete, innovative, and proven, thereby enabling modern business transformations. Facilitate your business transformation to the cloud by empowering your team with SaaS training solutions from Relgo University.

The Relgo University helps your teams learn all about the Relgo Processes and Automation Tools, benefitting from an in-depth look at the architecture, core components, process flows, functionality, integration points, installation, configuration and upgrading. It also includes the latest strategy, features and capabilities presented by the experts. Hands-on labs are included so you can practice what you learn.

Relgo Processes

Organizations can develop their employee’s skills before assigning to role. Employees can get on boarded with skills to operate automated processes

Relgo Tools

Helps to get trained in Relgo Tool Set like RAS, RNC, ROC, RCS which helps to Automate Organization Processes and roles faster

Role Enterprise Certification

Helps different Role users to quickly adopt the roles with functional and operational expertise using Relgo modules

Automation Certification

Helps Automation Engineers to get expertise in automating enterprise roles, testing, deploying and ensuring performance


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