Effected changes Mar 17 to Apr 30


1.Listview data update changes
2.menu container page header changes and sidebar menu changes 
and help text ui changes.
3.New Property added in RelgoVariable.cs
4.JQTable hyperlink popup issue in container page,Deductions miscalculations in salary slip issue cleared.
5.In RelgoApps Provisioning Data Editing Changes
6.RelgoApps Datetime Variable Enhancements
7.Menu container ui changes cleanup.
8.In RelgoApps Provisioning Data Editing Changes.
9.Updated Process Wizard to show all the data related to selected opeartional process
10.In Ras story.io Add story url issue cleared
11.RelgoApps Datetime Variable Enhancements
12.Elearning class issue has cleared
13. In RelgoUserForm GetMethodParameters "System.ArgumentNullException" issue Cleared.
14.Hot-fix's installations issue cleared.
15.Online Store through Mobile Application, getting issue after payment for cpq items has resolved.
16.Timesheet Hours affecting in Salary Slip
17.xml issue while approving timesheet cleared

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