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Identity Cast is a 'verified identity proof', used for access to services and proof of identity across automation cloud. You no longer need to enter user name and password, instead just present Identity Cast.

Go to Register Verify Identity Create

Relgo Networks center enables software defined infrastructure for automation. RNC provides Organization directory, collabration of devices and other productivity Tools for Automation.

For Login to Relgo Networks you need to verify your identity first, this verfied identity is useful for loging in the relgo networks, so please verify your identity as mentioned below

  • Click on Register button in the top Right corner
  • Click on Verify Identity
  • Enter Name, verify your mailid/mobilenumber/domain with OTP
  • and click GENERATE Identity cast
  • After successfull generation of Identity Cast You need to Register your Identity Cast for once.
  • For registering Identity Cast Go to "register menu" click Register, select yout identity cast and register
  • Now, with this generated Identity cast You can Login to Relgo network Center(RNC) .

Anas are the Relgo currency which is used to purchase Relgo Products and Services. Once you loaded the currency you don’t need to use your debit or credit card while purchasing the licenses and even you can encash the currency or you can even give as a gift to someone.

1Ana = 6.25INR

Relgo Automation Cloud is an Integrated Automation platform for all Business processes along with Infrastructure. It has over 100+ Processes to integrate your Business operations.

Telemetric, Barcode Scanner, Personel Telemetric Device, Point of selling(POS) devices

RAS Products


Three types of subscriptions available in RAS

  • Free Subscription
  • Automation Subscription
  • Developer subscription
Go to RAS Go to Subscribe Menu Select Subsciption type, select your identity cast and subscribe

  • Login into RAS with Identity cast
  • Setup bootstrap Installations in RAS
  • Select & add your service item and Check Packages has added in your account
  • Deploy them in ROC

You can automate all processes by yourself using Relgo Automation Studio (RAS)

  • Self service Automation
  • Free Automation
  • Managed Automation

Relgo University provides all automation resources and industry intelligence through automation courses curriculum for various roles in any organization.

Yes, we provide complete training on relevant courses for their role and certification test. Roles like Process Analyst, Process Automation Engineer and functional experts to manage operations

  • Single Application User License
  • Multi Application User License
  • Concurrent User License
  • Developer License
  • Automation License
  • Feature License
  • Premium License

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