Relgo Network Center

Relgo Network Center provides software defined networks, devices for automation and productivity for organizations and individuals.
Your team can use the networks for groups and relations for sharing any thing and instant communication. It has many productivity tools for self and team to use.

Organization Directory

Manage your organization

Organization Directory is used to view all the employees with their details like role,mail id,mobile number,manager in an oraganization which are added by the admin based on their departments.
It is used to create a groups(tags) where we can use tags: in compose users not required to type mail id's instead of that user creates a tag by selecting the members to whom he want to send the mail from the OD list.
In Resource sharing we can share the documents, surveys,blogs etc.. through post.
You can browse the employees and employees address book is also there and you can search the employees.
Using OD maintain employees and manager hierarchy in your organization and you can also create your own profile using Organization directory for your organization management


Oraganization directory is used to view all the employees in an organization which are added by the admin based on their teams or departments and you can easily get to know the employees details like roles, mail id, mobile no, role manager in RNC.


OD facilitates hierarchy feature You can manage the employee and manager hierarchy according to the department wise in your organization.It is a way to definea structure to an organization..

Functional Groups

Using Functional group if you want to group a particular group of employees responsible for the characteristic reactions of a particular compound, you can add them as functional group in OD.

Address Books

Address book contains all the details of the employees like their personal(Mobile No,address etc) and professional details(Role, Manager, Position etc) etc.


Using Tags we can send mails,resources,post messages at a time to group of employees by adding them into tag.


organization contains several Departments like production, development, marketing using Organization Directory you can group the employees department wise.


Organization Directory features

  • Employee Details
  • Add tag values
  • Organization Hierarchy
  • Browsing employees by department
  • Address Book of employees
  • Create tags by adding the selected employees to the tag
  • Domain Email Server
  • Employee and group mailboxes
  • Individual Account and Mailbox
  • Manage Organization Directory & Org Chart
  • Messages, notifications, notes, documents etc
  • Email groups and Build product campaigns
  • Build public and private people networks

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