Automate your Enterprise Processes Easily

  • Relgo Automation cloud makes simple for the enterprise to automate Processes.
  • It eliminates technical complexities of enterprise process onboarding domain automated process data and intelligence.
  • It provides software defined IT infrastructure with RNC
  • Toolset and procedures via RAS
  • Cloud IT infrastructure through ROC
  • Simplifies onboarding by cloud services

Graph based Automation from Relgo

Automating any organization processes is daunting task besides an expensive proposition. Relgo provides a complete toolset to automate processes by yourself and manage automated deployments. Relgo also offers flexible SAAS applications, free, managed automation models suitable for your organization. Whether you are sole proprietor, small, medium or large organization, the elastic automation fits to your operations style.

  • Customer centric automation platform built for enterprise processes simplification.
  • Can cut down your implementation cycle from months to days with functional experts
  • Automate your organization processes progressively and no need to plan all of them
  • Purchase user licenses on demand and billing is only for the usage period using elastic applications you can build and customize the automation applications
  • Flexible automation and licensing options with Self Service, Free Automation and Managed Automation


Relgo is committed to providing the greatest value to customers. When we take up a customer use case, we take upon our self and work hard to automate all their processes and enable the best possible solution for them. In doing so, Relgo team take pride in doing a thorough job, earn respect by customers through the solution, continuously innovate their processes and make the solution and main tain relationship value with customers.


We work hard and Do to make our products are satisfy our self periodically. We adapt our products to all our internal use before anybody else.


We ensure our product meets expectations and make sure customer time is utilized wisely by making the products easy to use and optimize delivery processes.


We continuously improvise and innovate to make sure customer job is simplified considering all possible activities.


Our products and services pack many features and optimizations which provide extraordinary value for customers.

Our Mission and Vision


Provide automation platform, products and tools to enable anyone to simplify their operations.


One of the top three technologies company for automating business management and go to company for small business automation.