RelgoApps is a rapid automation module development platform in the cloud. No expertise writing code is needed to develop and functional experts can develop apps quickly.

IT departments and system analysts can now play a key role in addressing business challenges, through speedy implementation of low-cost, high-impact built to suite business applications or extend existing application.

  • Reduced time to develop application
  • Intuitive data driven user processes automation
  • No coding expertise is needed
  • No compilation cycle, Build, Preview and deploy
  • Reducing application maintenance efforts needed
  • Import, export applications like data
  • Module interoperability, well-known design patterns


RelgoApps is a cloud based application development studio to build business automation applications. It enable developers and functional experts to develop and build applications with no coding skills and expertise code necessary to write. The key benefit of Relgo platform is intuitive programming model, and very less learning curve.

The programming model has five essential components to successfully develop product

  •   Identify the actors who has stake in the operations. Roles, assets and any other entities. This can be done by story boarding the problem and solution.
  •   Identify the relationships and definitions between the actors. A relationship is something that links actors. It is usually natural relationship or trade relationship through which they perform transactions.
  •   Design the actor, transaction forms and setup properties of actor’s entities and relationships to create corresponding network, group and relations. Also save transactional data corresponding to the relations.
  •   Design the dashboards for each role and data scopes for data to be retrieved and expression for aggregation.
  •   Publish application to cloud for an owner or organization and run.

The development studio simplifies each step and help you create platform entities. Some of the key differentiators in programming model are

Dev tools to build automation modules in the cloud with No Code
Pre-built modules HRMS, Accounts, Sales, Support Inventory, Skills etc
360 degrees Import pre-built modules develop custom modules
Integrate with Existing apps and IOT Devices No coding necessary
Invoke through REST API Responsive automation forms Angular Templates, XML/JSON
Machine Learning, Elastic Modules to automate on the go