Relgo Automation Training and Certification

Every organization must be able to adopt automated operations for realizing the benefits of digital transformation. After automation is complete, Relgo trains customers with enterprise practices and empower employees through training and certification before taking up role.

  • Organization adoption made easy with Relgo Training and Certification
  • Employees train and develop their skills taking courses related for their role.
  • Built in Role based training material streamlines employee triainig, retraining and reduces effect of attritian
  • Organization more clearly align training with business processes for growth

Organizations depend on their existing employees to be skilled and productive for the current assignments and rely on training them self on the current assignment. Relgo automation provides just in time training appropriate for roles conveniently in their dashboards. Employees can take classes and certify before attending the role reposibilities.

  Relgo Automation Courses

Relgo provides automation courses and curriculum for various functional roles such as HR executive, accountant, procurement manager etc. The training courses builds expertise such that employees can get onboarded with skills required to operate automated processes.

Human Resources
Human Resource Management

with Relgo Automation


Finance Management

with Relgo Automation


Automating Businesses

with Relgo Automation


Visit Relgo University for complete list of training material


Relgo University provides all automation resources, courses industry intelligence, automation courses curriculum for various roles in any organization. This subscription has courses on how to automate operations, simplify processes and grow the businesses.

 Automation Certification

Relgo provides Certification Mechanism for organizations to develop their employees skills before assigning to role. Relgo automation certifications ensure the user has expertise and qualified to perform tasks. Student/Employee is expected to complete relevant courses for their role and take certification test. The certified professionals such as process analysts, process automation engineers, functional role users can quickly will become ready for taking up activities.

Process Analyst

Process Analysts are experts in domain business process, procedures and are expertise in analyzing organization processes. They are experts in project management and help organizations Automation from identification of processes, roles, procedures and working with automation team.

Process Automation Engineer

Process Automation Engineers are experts in automating enterprise roles, testing, deploying and ensuring performance. They work with customers to verify role scenarios and customize the automated environment for user experience.

Functional Experts

Every organization requires functional experts to manage operations. The curriculum and certification helps HR managers, Accountants, procurement managers, sales, CRM, Project managment professionals and many other roles with functional and operational expertise using Relgo modules.