Relgo Partners

Our partners provide solution, technical and domain expertise for customers. Relgo partners are trained and certified to provide quality engagement with sharp execution focus with a goal of automating customer environment.

Relgo Partners types

Licensing partners

These partners works as resellers to sell licenses, renewal of licenses and act act as sales partners.

Specification : Should be certified.

Automation center partners

These partners collect operational processes from the customer,Analize and automate the same with the technical help from Relgo.

Specification : Should be certified.

Automation center partners types

Process Analyst

Process Analysts are well versed with domain processes. They help in analyzing existing process and prepare operating processes and procedures for your organization. They help managing implementation and complete GO LIVE process.

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Automation Engineers

Automation engineers in consultation with process analystto complete the implementation process by using RAS(Relgo Automation Studio) and ensure customers employees are trained.

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Functional Specialists

Employees play critical functional role in an organization. Replacing an experienced employee is risky and difficult in the absence of structured process. Once you automate the processes, the role processes training will enable any employee to quickly gain expertise in an organization processes and be productive.

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