Relgo Partners

Our Partners provides, technical and domain expertise solutions for customers. Relgo partners are trained and certified to provide quality engagement with sharp execution focus with a goal of automating customer environment.

Relgo Partners types

Sales Partners

Sales Partners are appointed for marketing to sell Relgo products and Services on free automation and managed automation models.

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Licensing Partners

Licensing Partners work as resellers to sell licenses, renewal of licenses and act as sales partners, primarily for Relgo licenses.

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Solution Partners

Solution Partners are appointed to bring orders and provide customizable solutions to the customers.

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Automation partners

Automation Partners operate their own Automation Centre’s, utilizing Relgo platform and deliver solutions to their customers.

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Analyst Partners

Analyst Partners operate their own Analyst operations, utilizing Relgo platform and deliver solutions to their customers.

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Relgo Providers

GST Providers

The Goods and Services Tax constitutional amendment having been promulgated by the Govt of India, the rollout of the GST Bill will be a collective effort of the Central and State Governments, the tax payers and the IT platform provider i.e. GSTN, CBEC and State Tax Departments.


Benefit Providers

Benefit Providers can manage your employee benefit programs allowing you to offer more options to your employees, while saving you time, money and decreasing the probability of human error. Our benefit administration program can be integrated in to your Payroll.


PF Providers

Relgo is one of the leading consultants and service provider of Business Services, Business Startup Services and Individual Services. These are available in the market at reasonable rates.We are offering a large collection of Provident Fund Registration and Filing Service.


ESI Providers

Employees State Insurance Scheme of India, is a multidimensional social security system tailored to provide socio-economic protection to worker population and their dependants covered under the scheme. Besides full medical care for self and dependents.