Automation Center is a registered service provider, which enables the provision to the Relgo Automation services at distinct locations delivered through certified professionals

Automation Center Registration

Any service provider who intend to extend the Relgo Automation services can register for establishing a Automation center at desired location. Relgo Automation Center enables the registered service provider to :

Relgo Automation Center registration process is as mentioned below


Automation Center Registration

The objective of this step is to complete the Relgo Automation Center registration. This step is executed by License Admin. Following are the list of activities performed in this step


Purchase Automation Center License

The objective of this step is to complete the payment for Automation Center License for approved applications. Following are the list of activities performed in this step

Get Certified as Automation Professional

Relgo Automation Careers provide oppurtunity to get trained and certifed as Automation Professional for three kind of Automation Roles mentioned below which play a vital role in automating a business process.

Process Analysts are well versed with domain processes. They are experts in analyzing existing process and prepare operating processes and procedures for your organization. They help managing implementation and complete go live process. Enroll as Process Analyst.

Automation Engineers take operating procedures and complete the implementation process and ensure the customer employees are trained as role user. Automation engineers are technical and well trained on products. Enroll as Automation Engineer.

Data Curation Engineers take organization data, complete the data analysis and make the application ready with customer data for live usage. Enroll as Data Curation Engineer.

Employees play critical functional role in an organization. Replacing an experienced employee is risky and difficult in the absence of structured process. Once you automate the processes, the role processes training will enable any employee to quickly gain expertise in an organization processes and be productive. Online video workshop enable your employees to fully train on role processes and gain expertise. Combined with online certification exams organizations will be able to ensure right candidate and productivity. Enroll as Role User.